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I won't take up your time right now trying to convince you how great I am -- isn't that what everyone else is doing?
Let me say that I will take your wedding just as seriously as I would a full 2-hour brass quintet concert -- and I've done lots of those.  By saying this, I mean that I will deliver the same level of quality music to your wedding as though it were my very own private recital or professional concert.
I believe your happiness is my objective.  Because of this, hundreds of people have been delighted with both my depth of guidance and quality of music.  The FREE demo cassette gives you several examples.
If you desire,
  •  Music that's the most uplifting and carefully matched to your needs
  •  Music that creates lasting pleasure, perfectly capturing the feelings of your wedding
  •  Someone who can simplify your music planning
then you most definitely have come to the right place!
Just send me your address, phone number and email so I can get the information to you.  While you're at it, include important information about your wedding such as the date, time, and location.
By learning how versatile a trumpet soloist can be, you'll see that the trumpet's sound can easily adapt to several parts of the ceremony, not necessarily "just" the processional.
It is easy for the trumpet to play almost any piece of music or song, like the famous Schubert  "Ave Maria".  As long as the music has an interesting shape or contour in the melody (unlike the popular "Wedding Song", which is noticeably static and flat in shape), it will work beautifully on the trumpet.
Music Consulting
Occasionally a bride will not get enough "answers" from the demo tape, the wedding music article, and from me (via a phone conversation).  At those times a private music consultation may be the best thing.
For this two-hour session I come to your house with several of the trumpets I use for wedding ceremonies.  This way you can more easily hear the difference in sound quality between the piccolo trumpet, the "regular" B-flat trumpet, the piccolo trumpet, the E-flat trumpet, and possibly others.
By hearing many different selections in a relatively short period of time, you will learn many things.  You will quickly experience the differences and similarities of these selections, and you will get a solid sense of what the "mood" will be like when I actually play for your wedding!
If you feel that a Music Consultation would be best for you, let me know so we can schedule a time.
For more information on how I may be of help to you,
read my "
Wedding Music Planning" article.

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