This section has categories that tell you about the development of Boston Brass -- from it's beginnings through the five competitions they were a part of, from various recordings that were made, lots of arrangements (naturally!) that were created, and on to music which they premiered, commissioned, etc. Music Arrangers
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As Boston Brass developed over the years, several photo sessions were held.  Some of these were used for general publicity brochures and for recordings, and some were never used at all. 
In one case, the plan was to use a photo behind the CD, where you would see it only after removing the CD.  For some reason, we decided not to use the necessary clear plastic insert -- but that photo is still hiding in every copy of "Fire In The Chamber"!
Different aspects of the quintet's personality would come to the front when we went before the camera.  For your enjoyment, few of these are shared with you HERE, along with the original artwork from the first five recordings.
See why you should accurately practice the trumpet.
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Announcing The GREAT Arrival!
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The following links offer some insight into the Quintet's development:




Newport Music Festival

Recording Sessions

Alan Alda

American Premieres

PLUTO, The Last Planet

Organ & Brass

Boston College

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